Battling Nature

Since we bought the place in 2016, we have been in a never ending war with weeds. During spring/summer, the courtyard area in front of the house can go from zero to shoulder high greenery is just a few months.

Probably the worst incursion of weeds since we took Magnol on.

I made a few backbreaking attempts to pull the offending plants out by the roots, but I was short on both skills and the required man hours We eventually found a gardener who could visit every 4-6 weeks. The hours required and the substantial volumes of weedkiller were making this an expensive undertaking.

Earlier this year we approached Tom, who dug the hole for the pool if he could rotivate, lay a weed proof membrane and cover with a new layer of gravel. The effect has been miraculous.

Photo 27-02-2019, 18 00 55 (1)
The courtyard without the weeds.

We are well into the growing season and nearly two months after the job was done it’s pristine.

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