From The Gers….

We arrived Thursday afternoon (12th July) after an early flight. After a quick pizza in L’Origan in Condom we drove up to the house. First stop was the pool. Not much new to see, some earth movement around the sides but none of the screening trees. There was however a hose and water going in! The jeopardy is over. We’ll be able to swim in the summer! (Update July 14. There’s no filter or pool dog, but when it was full I got in. Blooming lovely)

Next up was the House. The courtyard is badly overgrown (it is July).  There’s still a huge amount to be done before August:

  • Kitchen to go in (there’s doubt about the worktops)
  • Bathrooms – have been out of action all year for the floors to be fixed.
  • Electrics

The electrics is the big one. There are no switches or sockets in place and we don’t have a date for EDF to put in our junction box. Alain the electrician assures us that we’ll have functioning electricity for the start of August. Let’s hope so. No electrics no holiday.


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